Fire destroys Nick Nolte's Malibu house

MALIBU, Calif. Fire officials say it started with an electrical problem in the office of Nolte's home. It then spread to a number of other rooms. Nolte apparently tried to put out the flames before firefighters got there. Nolte tried to turn on a garden hose onto the fire and then called 911.

They also say the 67-year-old actor scraped his arm and inhaled some smoke, but was not hospitalized.

Los Angeles County firefighters were able to put out the blaze in about 10 minutes.

The damage to the home is estimated at more than $1 million to the house and about $1 million in damaged items within the house.

"The fire had started within the office area, which is set off of one side of the living room. So when the fire started in the office area and then extended into the living room area, it encompassed also the kitchen area. And then, throughout the entire house, there was heat and smoke damage," said Frank Garrido, Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Nolte's publicist says there was no structural damage to the home.


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