Woman stalks Laker forward?

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. Walton says the woman has been harassing him for almost a year.

Walton has made it clear that he loves his fans. However, police say he had to put a stop to one person who claimed to be a fanatical fan and repeatedly showed up at his Manhattan Beach home. Walton told police she even threatened him.

Stacy Elizabeth Beshear, 34, of El Segundo says she is more than Luke Walton's number one fan, according to police. Manhattan Beach police arrested Beshear last month and charged her with stalking the Laker star.

"This is something we're familiar with that existed last year as well," said Sergeant Steve Tobia, Manhattan Beach Police Department.

Authorities say Luke warned them as early as last year that Beshear managed to repeatedly get past the security guard manning the front gate of his Manhattan Beach neighborhood. Walton says he would see her parked in her black Honda sitting outside of his home.

In an interview with the Orange County Register, Luke was quoted as saying, "I'll be going to sleep at night and just randomly look out the window. Just to check. Just because ... She has been out there at 12:30, 1:30 in the morning. She would park outside my house for hours and hours."

"Back in 2007, though, she had not made any direct threats and we didn't have the elements of a crime," said Sgt. Tobia.

Last year, police say Beshear stepped over the line and threatened Luke.

"Mr. Walton had reported to police that Ms. Beshear had, again, contacted him, had followed him throughout the day and actually drove side-by-side with him in her vehicle and gestured with her hand to form a weapon - a handgun if you will - and acted as if she was cocking it with her thumb," said Sgt. Tobia. "Mr. Walton, obviously, took this very seriously."

In the Orange County Register, Walton was quoted as saying, "Normally I'm not worried; I can take care of myself. But if you've got a lady who for some reason is sitting in front of your house all day and is now pointing a fake gun at you ... you've got to think, 'Maybe I did something ... to the point where she's really planning on shooting me.'"

Police say Beshear was released shortly after her arrest last month. She is due back in court next month.

Authorities say if she is convicted, Beshear could face a permanent restraining order.


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