'Cool Kid' Micaela Velasquez coaches kids

VALENCIA, Calif. "It's just an amazing feeling, helping someone, teaching someone how to swim. Earlier they couldn't even get in the water, now you're helping them swim a lap across the pool," says Micaela.

Micaela is a swimming champion who is much more than just a swimming coach to these special kids.

"It's more of a friendship. You build a friendship with them. You want to see them, see how their day is ... make sure no one's being mean to them, help them with anything you can," says Micaela.

A lifelong love of the water has Micaela thinking about a career that involves the ocean, but still includes her student swimmers.

"I want to become a marine biologist, that's my main goal. I love helping Special Olympics, so I will continue on whether it be here or maybe starting a new club wherever I go," says Micaela.

In the water, Micaela loves teaching fundamentals to the kids. Out of the pool, she wants them to have a foundation for living.

"That's part of your responsibility as a friend, to teach them what's right and what's wrong. So you're not only teaching them how to swim, but your teaching them rules for life and how to act in public," says Micaela.

Offering swim lessons and life lessons in the cool water, she is our "Cool Kid" Micaela Velasquez.


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