Police search for missing Ontario woman

ONTARIO Ontario police say that 34-year-old Ana Maria Garcia has been missing for days. Friends and family members gathered Thursday outside her Ontario home trying to figure out where she might be.

Lorenzo Garcia says it is not like his sister to disappear like this.

"We are a pretty close family. She calls us everyday. For her not to be calling us one day is kind of weird for her," said Lorenzo Garcia.

Family members grew concerned so they showed up at her house on the 1600 block of East Yale Avenue, Wednesday at 3:00 a.m.

Inside they found a number of blood stains and signs of a struggle so they called police.

"We would like to believe that she is still alive and that she might need some medical attention. We have notified the hospitals if anyone comes in with serious injuries," said Det. Jeff Crittenden, Ontario Police Department.

Police believe her boyfriend 35-year-old Mario Adrian Reyes of Culver City might have something to do with her disappearance because of a number of curious circumstances.

Again the missing woman is Reyes' missing girlfriend, but Tuesday night an unknown woman was seen using Reyes' ATM card in Los Angeles.

Am hour later Reyes was seen walking into an Inglewood Ralphs store where he bought two dozen roses.

Later that night he was seen in a Circle K parking lot down in San Diego. And then on Wednesday night police found the missing woman's truck abandoned near the Mexican border. It also had blood stains inside.

Meantime family members are hoping for the best. And Ana Maria's brother had a message for his missing sister.

"Honey hang tough. I know you can hang. We are all here. We are taking care of everything. Don't worry about nothing," said Lorenzo Garcia.

Reyes wasn't originally considered a suspect, but there is now a $2 million warrant out for his arrest.

Anyone with information should call the Ontario Police Department at (909) 395-2001.


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