L.A. investors hit by market losses

LOS ANGELES "You know, if things get really bad, if the market drops maybe another 20, 25 percent, then I'll probably start moving money into just regular savings accounts, CDs, something that's a lot safer, but for now, I'm just going to sit tight and wait," said investor Chris Kindle.

"I'm worried about all the money that I've put in my 401(k) and my employers have matched, and it's basically all gone. It's probably about half, 50 percent of it over the past year and a half is gone," said investor Chris Broom.

These are the types of concerns that Wedbush brokers have been dealing with all week, as 401(k) retirement funds plunge in value.

"With them in particular, I think you just kind of have to have the proper horizon, time horizon, for their retirement. If they are going to be retiring within the next years, it's best to be in something a lot more conservative or be in treasuries," said Wedbush trader Javier Jimenez.

Others are starting to sense opportunities in the market.

Despite all the losses and the continued concern on the street, Wedbush is buying right now, seeing real opportunities in some of the big oil stocks.

"The stocks have sold off absolutely dramatically, so you can go into the very largest companies, Chevron and Exxon, and you can buy these stocks at what I think are really attractive prices," said Ed Wedbush, president of Wedbush Morgan Securities.

With many stocks trading at half their highs, some bulls are getting back in, but bulls and bears are both watching the credit markets and the efforts of world banks to get the money moving again.


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