Gun fired at San Bernardino school

SAN BERNARDINO A 9mm Glock handgun was found discovered on the campus of Joseph C. Rodriguez Prep Academy in San Bernardino.

The gun was found in a planter by a 7th grade student. He thought it was a pellet gun and fired it.

"The actual gun was shot off kind of pointed in an angle. The student thought it was a BB gun and pulled the trigger. It hit a wall over there. We think some debris hit the student, but she is doing fine," said school principal Perry Wiseman.

A 12-year-old 8th grade student was hit in the ankle by debris. She was treated and released from the hospital.

San Bernardino school police are investigating.

"It was a Glock 9mm. It accompanied a 30 round clip or magazine which we know is illegal," Lt. Joe Paulino.

The first school police officer on scene said the school administrators had the situation under control. And working with city police they know now how the gun got on campus.

"There was an incident on Sunday involving the San Bernardino Police Department. They were out there on a separate incident unrelated to any known possession of any type of firearm by anybody. They had a subject run from them. The subject's name was given to me," said Officer Erik Veterie, San Bernardino School Police Department. "I have since interviewed him and he is in custody for an unrelated crime by the San Bernardino Police Department. I interviewed him in regards to throwing the weapon and he has fully admitted to having the gun on him."

What will happen to the 7th grader that picked up the gun and fired it is now up to the District Attorney.

He made a mistake and was shaken up. The teen who tossed the gun on the school campus is in custody and faces very serious charges.


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