'Cool Kid' Alison Lerner 'goes green'

ENCINO, Calif. "I figured that the best way would be to educate kids while they were growing up, so they would grow up 'green' and become more environmentally conscious," says Alison.

To bring her message directly to her audience, Alison reads her book to classrooms of all ages. Those classrooms include kindergarten kids at Valley Beth Shalom Day School, the same school Alison attended.

"From a little girl, who was always a wonderful student and kind to others, to see that she could really take that and really make a difference in the world. And to have the confidence to say, 'I have something to say, I have something to write, I have something to teach.' And she's really been able to do that," says Tamar Raff, director of Judaic studies.

Now a senior at Harvard Westlake, Alison sees a future that includes helping the planet and its people.

"I'll be going off to college. I hope to study how the environment affects our health. And hopefully I can use that to become a physician later on in life," says Alison.

Her book is titled, "The Green Street Kids, The Earth Warriors." It looks like Alison has recruited a growing army of activists.

"With their excitement ... and they immediately picked up the 'reduce, reuse and recycle.' And were just so enthusiastic and I think that working together we can make a difference," says Alison.

Working with and educating this generation, and generations to come, Alison Lerner is our "Cool Kid."


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