College students interested in new Nissan

ORANGE, Calif. You can't miss it in traffic. It's small and funky, it's called the Cube -- which really fits.

It's supposed to appeal to young people, so to find out if it does, we took it to the campus of Chapman University.

Students who passed by definitely noticed it. Some even put down their cell phones and iPods to have a closer look.

"The gas prices are so high and the cost of transportation. So anything to cut down the costs would be beneficial for everyone," said student Joe Brothman.

"I've heard about it. I am not sure, is it electric? Oh it is gasoline," said student Preston Walker.

One student even guessed that it would hold a lot of AMPS and speakers.

But most agreed that something small but functional would be popular with students and young adults.

"I don't live on campus. So going back and forth is getting costly. Anything like this would be nice," said student Micah Gonzales.

"I am a car enthusiast and I have been following it. When I heard the were bringing it stateside I got really excited, because I think it is a really neat looking little car," said student Lauren Pearce.

Sure, young people are drawn to it, but on a nearby residential street we found someone from another demographic who also liked it.

"I have a friend at my age who drives a square funny looking little car," said Robin Tunstall, a Chapman University neighbor.

You cannot buy a Cube the way it is distributed in Japan because the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. But next year U.S. buyers will be able to get an all new Cube with the steering wheel on the left hand side.

Nissan hemmed and hawed for a few years about importing the Cube to America. The recent run-up in gas prices seems to have sealed the deal.

You'll be able to buy one next year supposedly for right around $20,000.

It just suffers from one issue -- other boxy Japanese cars have already come before it.

"It is similar to the Scion," said student Rafe Olson.

"I think it looks like they are trying to copy Scion to be honest with you," said Brothman.

Even so, in today's world of students, recent graduates, and everyone else there seems to be room for yet another square-edged economy car.


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