Still using that same old search engine?

Google may be the "Goliath" of search engines, but there are a lot of "David's" out there, each with their own niche. is one of several sites that allows you to surf Google, Yahoo, ABC News, plus YouTube, and dozens of other sites, all on one page.

Just enter your search terms, and hit "go."

Want to "boogie?" Check out iBoggie. Type in your search term, such as "presidential election," then hit search. And iBoogie clusters the results.

You'll find traditional search results in the center of the page, and on the left, iBoogie displays clusters or groups of documents with similar content.

In our example, it included profiles of the candidates, campaign videos and the latest election polls.

If you've got questions, Ask Vox has the answers. This is an interactive search engine that speaks to you. So we put Ask Vox to the test. We asked what came first, the chicken or the egg?

"The egg. Genetic material does not change during an animal's life. Therefore the first bird that involved into a chicken must have first existed as an embryo inside an egg," said Ask Vox.

Now be forewarned, Ask Vox says it isn't a professional advice site, and doesn't guarantee the accuracy of all of its content.

Another cool Web site is Picsearch. It has links to more then two-billion images. We typed in Eyewitness News anchor Michelle Tuzee's name, and there she was.

Picsearch is family friendly, and all offensive material is filtered out.

Deligio is a specialized search engine for software, shareware and freeware. Type in "spam" and you'll get links to dozens of free anti-spam, and anti-virus software programs that are easy to download.

Want to hear how things sound? Try The site searches for sound effects and musical instruments.

The audio files are kid friendly at, and obscenities are filtered out.


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