Bicycle hybrids offer high speeds at 180 mpg

FAIRFAX DISTRICT "When I first got the bike, I set out a goal to see if it could meet 50-percent of my transportation needs," said Fracassa "I think im just over that now about 50 or 60 percent."

With their small engines and unique designs Derringers can go 35 miles per hour and get 180 miles per gallon.

"Once I knew it could get 180 miles to the gallon that was definitely a reeling end point, and those claims are easily true," said Fracassa.

Derringer cycles are the work of designer Adrian Van Anz, who said he wanted to create an eco-friendly mode of transportation that was more powerful than a bicycle but not quite a scooter.

"I really feel like it is something that people buy because they want, and use it because they should," said Van Anz.

As inspiration Van Anz drew from track racing motorcycles from the 1920's. The end result was a re-imagined Mo-ped of sorts that does not require a special license to operate.

"The reaction that I saw when I took it out was something that said this was something that will get people out of their cars and onto their bikes," said Van Anz. "I definitely want to see them everywhere."

Along with the fuel efficiency the Derringers are though of as ride-able works of art and as a result, the bikes start at around $3500.

But despite the price tag Derringer go quick. They sell about 10 cycles a week. If you want one you'll have to get in line because there is currently a 12-week waiting list.


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