More women sacrificing comfort for fashion

CENTURY CITY Now shoe designers are 'super-sizing' women's shoes with some of the highest heels ever sold commercially.

"Some of the heels that we're seeing are six to seven inches high....very high," said Wanda Ahmadi, a spokesperson for Bloomingdales.

The high-heel hype started this summer and is spreading quickly through the fashion world. Ahmadi said shoe lovers from all walks of life are falling for the new trend.

"They are actually wearing these shoes out and many, many women are wearing these shoes to work." Said Ahmadi

Scarlet Shi has already bought into the extreme heel craze.

"I would say they're 6t o 7 inches high, it's hard to walk with it, but it's not supposed to be for working, they're for pretty," said the high heel wearing Shi.

Jill Keenan says the higher, the better.

"Painfully high," says Keenan. "You gotta live dangerously"

But there is a steep price to pay for beauty. Super high heels from top designers can cost anywhere from $500 to $800, some even more.

Geneve Villacres normally wears 4 to 5 inchers, but agreed to try on a pair of Christian Dior open-toe patent leather pumps that run $590 at Bloomingdales.

"I think the shoe is gorgeous," said Villacres "they're pretty and stylish, they actually don't feel that high. I could probably walk in them"

Now that's a step in the right direction.


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