Calorie counts of your favorite toppings

One tablespoon might not seem like much but it all depends on what you're filling it with. Five calories to 100, one of these can make or beak your meal. Calorie wise, here's what your favorite dollop is worth.

On the lean side, salsa is just 4 calories a tablespoon. It's perfect on a serving of baked tortilla chips.

Another skinny choice, one tablespoon of mustard is only 10 calories and does a great job spicing up a bland sandwich.

Ketchup has 15 calories with no fat yet it contains a teaspoon of sugar per tablespoon, but it is a sure marriage to your side of fries.

Guacamole scoops up 25 calories and 2 fat grams per tablespoon, although the fat from avocado is heart healthy.

While sour cream dishes 30 calorie a tablespoon, but unlike the guacamole the fat is saturated. Now worth mentioning, the same amount of butter will get you 100 hundred greasy calories almost all coming from fat, so surprisingly sour cream is a better option for your baked potato.

Ranch dressing is 60 calories a tablespoon, but most of us use at least two tablespoons to dress a salad.

Finally, one tablespoon of mayonnaise delivers 90 calories and almost all coming from fat. If you can stomach reduced fat or fat free versions, you'll save yourself anywhere from 50 to 90 calories.

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