A trip to the hospital on 'Dancing'?

LOS ANGELES Toni Braxton went home Tuesday night. And Julianne Hough went to the hospital. ABC7 has learned Hough was having some bad stomach pain and after the show it was decided she should go and get it checked out. Nothing dramatic ... just a matter of being safe. Moments before all that, Braxton got the bad news that she was eliminated from the competition.

When singer Toni Braxton left the dance floor after the show, she did not return to talk to the press. But her partner did talk to me.

"She came on the show with one objective and that was to be able to move and feel like she can be a normal, active, physical person and I think she's done that," said Alec Mazo.

Braxton has a heart condition but the dancing has helped make her stronger, and more than just physically.

"You talk about winning six Grammys, what exactly was this going to do for her other than build her self-confidence and I know she got that back because you could see her coming in here every day with a little bit more like, 'I'm ready to go. I got this one.' And you know, this empowers you from within," said Warren Sapp.

Susan Lucci and Tony Dovolani are empowered to do well next week having survived the bottom two.

"My engine is definitely revved. It is definitely revved," said Susan Lucci. "I am so thrilled to have another chance to come back next week and it was revved even before this, but tonight was really hair-raising, really heart-pounding."

Next week, the stars will also perform a non-competitive hip-hop number.

"Yeah, this is a freestyle just off the top of the brain similar to Kanye, Common and maybe Lil' Wayne. I do my thing and I do it so fresh," rapped Cody Linley.

Cloris, or "Clo-Mama," as I'm calling her, will also hip-hop. She's apparently already mastered the strip tease.

"Well, this is first. This is next. This is next. This is next ... " said Leachman.


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