'Unusual' cat burglar enters at night

FONTANTA, Calif. The intruder has been confronted by residents in some of the South Ridge homes of the Fontana area he has entered through sliding glass doors. Residents say the artist concept is very good.

"He's described as a white male, probably in his early 20s, slender build, not too tall, probably about 150 pounds in weight, no facial hair. He usually wears a sweatshirt. A lot of times he has a sweatshirt pulled up over his head," said Sergeant Jeff Decker, Fontana Police Dept.

There have been five reports of nighttime entries in the past month and a half. There may have been others.

"This is not somebody who is motivated by pure economic gain. They are going in for other reasons, because he could easily do this when people are not home," said Sgt. Decker. "He is choosing to enter at nighttime, knowing that people are home inside the house. You know, it's a strange behavior pattern. Iit's not the normal burglar."

Police patrols have been increased in the area. The authorities are concerned of the potential for tragedy stemming from the cat burglar's boldness.

"We don't know what will happen if someone actually confronts him and he doesn't have a way out," said Sgt. Decker. "And we don't know really what the rest of his motivation is for being inside if it's purely for the thrill, or if there's some other reason. But he's not a normal individual."

All of the known incidents involving the cat burglar have occurred in the South Ridge community. He's very familiar with the area. Anyone who may recognize this person, or has any information about the incidents, is asked to call Fontana Police at (909) 350-7700.

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