Do you know your shoe type?

With fall in full swing, the newest styles of footwear on the market appear endless.

"Shoemakers are being more conscious of the fact that they need to make shoes with stability, and also have comfort," said shopper, Elizabeth Reynolds.

Elizabeth Reynolds says, when it comes to buying shoes for her -- comfort is key.

"I don't go for just looks anymore," said Reynolds.

The problem is, many of the shoes women are wearing, aren't right for their feet. This could lead to problems and injuries in the future.

Dr. Claire Futenma, a Pasadena-based podiatrist, sees these issues all too often.

"Coming off of the summer season many of the women have been wearing flip-flops. They come in with arch-pain and pain in the ball of the foot," said Dr. Futenma.

Dr. Futenma says, the type of feet you have should determine the type of shoes you buy.

"There are three main types of foot structure: flat feet, feet with a medium arch, and feet with a high arch. For the flat foot you are looking for a shoe that has a bit of an arch support to it. A ballet flat would not be very good for you," said Dr. Futenma.

"For women who have a high arch foot they usually feel a bit more comfortable wearing a bit more of a high. If you have a medium arch you are pretty fortunate. You are able to wear more of a variety of shoes. Still to me arch support is the key," said Dr. Futenma.

If you don't address issues like these early on you could suffer from other problems in the future, such as pain in the ankles, knees and lower back.

So when you show you should try doing a certain shoe test.

"I will feel the back of the shoe and make then sure the heel counter is very stiff. I make sure, though, that the shoe also bends right in the forefoot region. Then I'll also torque the shoe to make sure that it moves a little bit but we don't want it to twist too much," said Dr. Futenma.

Sorry ladies, but you should stay away from the stilettos. But if you absolutely insist it is recommended that you limit how often you wear them.

"You can wear these shoes just for events, but just make sure you're not walking around too much. And maybe bring another pair of shoes that you can change into," said Dr. Futenma.

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