Latinos urged to 'Get out the Vote'

EAST LOS ANGELES The group has been targeting many neighborhoods in East Los Angeles, which has a very strong Latino population. Many of the people who live in the area are felling the same way about the race for president.

"We need a change," said Susan Velasquez. "We need to create more jobs and it hasn't been easy. We're ready to give the opportunity to another candidate."

For a lot of Latino voters that candidate is Barack Obama. Polls show that Latino voters could get the votes Obama needs to win battleground states like Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

"I think the Latinos are going to go all out," said Rocky Martinez. "They want a change... cause there are no jobs; I know a lot of people who are not working."

But Republican hopeful John McCain is also campaigning for the Latino vote. McCain's pro-life and family values beliefs are still a big appeal for a lot of Latino voters.

But with job losses and foreclosures effecting minority populations across the country, McCain's hold on the Latino vote isn't as strong as Obama's.

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