Cop fatally shoots suspect after fight

COMPTON, Calif. The shooting occurred after a fatal car wreck at El Segundo Boulevard and Compton Avenue in Compton on Monday. Police said a 24-year-old Compton woman was killed in the crash, and the driver of the other car ran away. A deputy chased him down, and a fight broke out.

Officials said the suspect was beating the deputy, who had been knocked to the ground, when she pulled out her gun and shot the suspect several times.

"There was an accident on the corner, and the guy was walking away from the scene, and the police tried to stop him. He didn't want to stop, so the police drove and the lady pulled out her gun and tried to get him to stop. He hit her on the head, and as she was falling to the ground she started shooting," said Kenny Paris, who witnessed the altercation.

Witnesses say the female deputy fired shots after she had been hit in the head by the suspect.

"First it was like four gun shots. Then, he charged at her again. And then, she shot at him three more times and that was it," said Paris. "She was on the ground the whole time shooting. So, she was already getting attacked."

The unidentified suspect later died at a hospital.

The sheriff's deputy was released from the hospital on Monday night. She was treated for cuts and abrasions.

The identity of the 24-year-old woman killed in the accident has not been released.

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