Retailers hiring for holiday season

LOS ANGELES With the economy suffering a meltdown and the stock market all over the place, most businesses are being very cautious about how they spend money. These are tough times but even though the economy is down, you don't have to be. Jobs are few and far between, but job resource centers are highly recommending you look for holiday or seasonal employment.

"A lot of retailers have come this way, like for instance Macy's and Target and Old Navy. So we see a lot of action and activity in this area right now, even though some stores are closing down," said Joumana Barakat from the Foothill Workforce Center.

It's true that Linens 'N Things, along with Mervyns and others, are just about gone. But there are plenty of other stores on the hunt for seasonal employees. Target is one of them.

"Target is definitely still hiring for the holidays," said Target store manager David Ramos. "Last year we hired over 100,000 employees over the holiday season. It is a softer market this year, so we're planning accordingly, probably a little bit less, but we're averaging about 60 to 65 seasonal employees per store right now."

Target has made it easy to apply for a job with a kiosk in store for online applications. And some employees, like Omar Sanchez, have no problem recommending it to their friends.

"It's a great place to work at," said Sanchez. "Actually, I'm constantly offering it, telling my friends to come by and apply since we're hiring people for the holidays."

But it's not only Target -- UPS needs seasonal help, and so does Mrs. Beasley's, Old Navy, Macy's and many others.

But remember, there is competition for these jobs, so be prepared. Get your resume up to date and sharpen up your interview skills. Even if you're a professional out of work, a holiday job might make sense.

"Absolutely [I would consider seasonal or holiday work]. Finances, they go on and on. You've still got to bring in the income," said Mindy Morrison, who is looking for work.

"We've seen it all the time. It's much easier to find a job when you are already employed," said Barakat.

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