Teen sexually assaulted on La Habra st.

LA HABRA, Calif. It happened near Erna Avenue and Hazel Street - just a couple of blocks from the La Habra police station - at about 7 p.m. on October 28. Unfortunately, detectives have very little to go on, which is why they are now turning to the public for new leads.

Residents of La Habra are still trying to understand how a young teenage girl became the victim of a horrible crime in their neighborhood.

"Something needs to be done because there is always children and people walk in the evening, my friend too," said Lozano. "That's why I don't come out at night; I don't trust nobody to be out here."

Police say the victim was walking in an area near W. Erna Ave. and N. Hazel St. about 7 p.m. Tuesday, when she noticed a white, older model compact car pass her without its headlights on. She told police that one of the men in that car then grabbed her, took her to a different location, where she was sexually assaulted by two men.

La Habra police detectives say because the victim's eyes were covered through the ordeal she never saw her attackers. But she told officers both suspects spoke Spanish. Without any good leads, police are now relying on the community for help.

"We've been canvassing, we've been talking to neighbors hoping maybe that someone saw or heard something," said La Habra Police Detective Dean Cappelletti. "Even if they remember something as simple as a vehicle driving in the area with the lights off, or sometimes that happens is when these crimes occur, friends go home and maybe brag to their friends about something that happened or something they heard that happened. You know anything, any lead we can get that even sounds similar, if they could contact the La Habra Police Department."

Meantime police are asking residents to be aware of their surroundings, and people in the neighborhoods are paying more attention.

"It can happen to anybody. You know, I could be walking down the street and it could happen to me. So honestly, as a female, we all have to be very careful," said La Habra resident Darlene Horvath.

Police say the vehicle described in this crime is a white older model four-door compact with tinted windows. If you have any information about this car or the crime, you're asked to call the La Habra Police Department at (562) 905-9750.

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