PV homeowner's Obama signs defiled

PALOS VERDES ESTATES, Calif. The vandals, two unidentified men who may be teenagers, have been yanking the signs and then posting videos of their desecration as well as a confession on YouTube.

"First we stole this," one video says. "We turned it into this."

The video, which targets a specific homeowner, then shows an Obama sign painted with a swastika as well as one on fire. The "N" word is also used repeatedly.

After receiving menacing phone calls, the homeowner decided to fight back by replacing his sign and adding a camera. He captured and released to the Daily Breeze images of two young men in shorts pulling out the sign and driving off in an SUV.

"We're just hoping that someone will step forward and give us some tips on who these people are," PVEPD Sgt. Steve Barber said.

Police have been trying to identify the source of the threatening phone calls by placing a tap on the homeowner's phone. They have come up empty so far. One call that was traced returns to an automated computer.

Local residents expressed their outrage.

"What are we in, 1940 Germany?" said Pam Jones, a South Bay resident. "No. Not acceptable."

Yet one resident admits he is intimated by political backlash this election year.

"There are some real crazies that will actually do damage to your vehicle or your house," said Howard Christensen, another South Bay resident.

Christensen backs McCain, but he said there is no way he will display a sign supporting him. He said he would tell the thieves to stop if he had a chance.

"I would tell them that they are doing more harm to McCain than they are harm to Obama," Christensen said. "It's a stupid thing to do."

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