Judge blocks plans for alleged sex party

SANTA ANA Vini Bergeman showed off the 20,000 square foot mansion that overlooks Orange County.

It was the site of a big Halloween bash last year. Bergeman says approximately 400 people showed up to that party.

It was a party county officials wanted to stop this year, after seeing a Web site calling it the "Flesh and Fantasy Halloween Ball." It advertised over 700 sexy spirits, saying appropriate behavior was not required.

Tickets started at $100 a couple.

"County ordinances prohibit any commercial events in a private residence," said county attorney, Marianne Van Riper.

The county also cited traffic problems last year on the narrow road leading to the home.

"They could not get emergency vehicles up there. They could not even break up the party at first because there were hundreds of people at the bottom of the hill, and walking out of the house," said Van Riper.

A judge granted an injunction to stop the party.

"There was no party ever planned here," said Bergeman.

Bergeman says he never planned to hold a party this year. He claims officials have him mixed up with a friend who is holding a party elsewhere.

Bergeman claims that the party last year was not a swingers party.

"The people with the least amount on were girls who were air brushed with their bottoms on, and air brushed to the top," said Bergeman.

Bergeman claims he is being targeted after refusing to pay a bribe to former Orange County sheriff Mike Carona and former assistant sheriff George Jaramillo.

Carona is on trial, and is accused of public corruption. Carona has always denied such accusations.

Bergeman has filed a $4 million lawsuit against the county, after he alleges deputies tore his home apart and kept him detained for hours after the party last year.

He claims all authorities kept were two non-working slot machines.

"Why did they not arrest anybody? This is not about no Halloween party. I wasn't even going to have a Halloween party," said Bergeman.

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