Did electrician install hidden cams?

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. Police say it's as simple as this: The suspect messed up. He apparently left one of his cameras in open view, and one of the alleged victims found it and called authorities. The suspect was in court Thursday morning, charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of disorderly conduct, peeking into a private area.

The suspect is an electrician but police say he's more like a high-tech peeping tom. Suspect David Clark works for DMC Electrical and he would routinely perform repairs at homes all across the Southland. But once inside, police say, he would actually install hidden cameras, giving him unlimited access to video feeds.

"That silhouette you can see that the woman is, she's coming out of the shower and, and then the camera captures the full view of her without her clothes on," said San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept. Spokesperson Cindy Beavers.

Police say eventually the suspect got sloppy. One alleged victim apparently found a camera lying by her toilet, she called police, and a search warrant led investigators to Clark's home, where he was arrested.

"I've talked to him from time to time but I never really got to know him," said the suspect's neighbor, Josh Tarabek. "He's always kept to himself, always had different roommates, and haven't really talked to him much. Totally surprises me. I had no idea that that what was going to happen."

What's worse, many of the alleged victims still don't even know they were being watched. Detectives say anyone who has hired David Clark for work on their home to be aware.

"So they're asking anyone who has ever had contact with him or done business with him, to check their homes and see if there is any of this equipment hidden there and of course to contact the Rancho Station at the hotline number," said Beavers.

If you have any information regarding this case, you are asked to call Rancho Cucamonga Police at (909) 477-2859. Police say there are at least six victims, possibly as many as 20, so they want people to call in.

The California Contractors State License Board said this is a perfect example of why you should make sure someone is licensed before they come into your home. The suspect, David Clark, was not licensed.

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