New U.S. citizen gunned down in Hawthorne

HAWTHORNE, Calif. Sagrado Jesus Pool was fixing his taxi when he was gunned down just outside his apartment.

The life of Jesus Pool was as remarkable as his death was despicable, according to his family.

Pool's brother, Marcus, says his cousin just froze during the armed robbery. Marcus says his brother didn't have anything on him.

"There was no reason to actually shoot the victim in this case. They could have just run away. They already had everything," said Sergeant Richard Biddle, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Maria Pool, Jesus's wife, is now left with 3 children. Even with so much shock and grief, Maria can still describe her husband with one word: perfect.

Jesus Pool, 44, had been working three jobs. He was a cook, a flower delivery man and a cab driver. However, for the immigrant from Yucatan, Mexico, his proudest achievement was becoming a U.S. citizen a few months ago. He voted for the first time in November.

Jesus's family says he was talking about Thanksgiving plans on Monday night. Just after 9 p.m. he was with his cousin in the 12000 block of Doty Avenue, steps away from his taxi. The bullets missed his cousin, but they killed Jesus.

Police say they only have a vague description of the suspects.

"All we have right now are two male blacks, probably in their twenties," said Sgt. Biddle.

Detectives have been talking to residents. It is a very densely populated area, so they believe somebody may have witnessed some of the incident. But, authorities say they are not getting the information that they need.

"This is going to be a hard case to solve unless we get the public's help in this case," said Sgt. Biddle.

The Sheriff's tip line is (323) 890-5500. Relatives of Pool say you may make the call anonymously.

Meanwhile, the Hawthorne mayor is calling for donations.

"It's hard to talk about it because it disgusts me ... because, his family is suffering," said Richard Guidi, Hawthorne Mayor.

The family continues to worry about the gunman still on the loose. However, all they can do is try to figure out how to carry on.

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