Cal State, UC systems eye fee hikes

FULLERTON, Calif. Fredrick Ny relies on scholarships, financial aid, and he works in order to pay his way through Cal State Fullerton.

The second-year biology major doesn't know what else he can do to pay his student fees, especially if they go up 10 percent, if Cal State University officials don't get enough money from the state for the 2009-2010 school year.

The proposed fee hike would affect the 23-campus Cal State system.

The average undergraduate fees would rise about $300 to more than $4,000, not counting housing and books.

The 10-campus University of California is also proposing a 9.4 percent fee increase if the state budget situation doesn't improve.

That could mean more than $600 extra for undergraduates who live in California, pushing the average bill to nearly $8,700.

"It's really stressful trying to figure out how I'm going to work, pay for extracurricular activities and school and pay for housing," said Cal State Fullerton student Kimberly Fragola. "It's really hard looking at the goal of graduating when you can't even pay for it."

Students have protested budget cuts to education that they fear will mean higher tuition.

Cal State officials also warn more students may go on waiting lists next year and they may have to raise high school grade point requirements on some campuses. UC officials say they may have to limit admissions to their most popular campuses.

The governing boards of UC and Cal State are expected to meet next week to talk about their budgets. Officials say they're not likely going to vote on fees until spring.

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