Are the holidays giving you wrinkles?

When it comes to pretty skin this holiday season less really is more.

"People are using lighter colors and lighter makeup applications," said Elaine D'Farley, Self Magazine.

This year, going glam doesn't have to put you in the red. You can wipe away some of the stress you see on your face with things already in your beauty arsenal. D'Farley highlights the new trends.

"The easiest thing is to use stuff that you already have in your bag, but use it in a new way," said D'Farley.

Or you can add an inexpensive goody along the way. For flawless, glowing skin, D'Farley suggests creating a canvas with makeup primer -- think of it as a lotion.

"It's really something that's going to kind of fill in your pores and it's going to create this gorgeous kind of smooth skin texture," said D'Farley.

Top it off with a cheek stain to get that rosy glow.

"I think it just makes me stand out and it makes my cheeks stand out and my cheek bones stand out," said makeup tester, Charlotte Cameron.

This holiday season, try a non-smoky eye. That would be the opposite of last year's decadent look. Begin with bronze shadow as a base.

"And you create a backdrop for a chocolate brown, dramatic eye liner and then you do gorgeous lashes," said D'Farley.

The key is to use an eyelash curler.

"I think this is much more natural. It's really nice to not be wearing tons of eyeliner and just, you know, bat your eyes and still look pretty," said makeup tester, Alex Samuel.

For the perfect pout, think pink and natural.

"It's bright and punchy. I think it's a color that so many people can wear, so I feel confident," said makeup tester, Lesley Estep.

Time and money saving tips that will take you way past the holidays and into a better new year.

"The most important thing is to make your skin look healthy and to keep it easy, and make your life stress free," said D'Farley.

And health experts add: adequate sleep and proper nutrition can go along way in helping you pare down your beauty routine.

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