Women For Hire Job Fair hosts big numbers

LOS ANGELES Four hours -- that's how much time these women have to get in and get noticed. They are all looking for work during one of the most challenging economic times in recent American history. With the unemployment rate climbing steadily, there's more competition and fewer jobs.

"I am hoping I'll find something, but I've been aggressively looking for two months," said job seeker Lynn Breyer.

"People that used to make six figures are now saying, 'Yeah, I'll become that assistant, I will do whatever it takes just "get-by" jobs.' Where people use to have careers, now people are looking for jobs. Big difference," said job seeker Alexia Baum.

Then there are those like Olga Castillo. She has a job as a realtor but the housing slump is making it tough for her to make a living.

"Right now it's taking about two months to close a deal, so within that time frame I need to kind of get a job and get something going," said Castillo.

Castillo is among 500 women attending the Women For Hire Job Fair held twice a year in Los Angeles.

Organizers say there were more women Thursday than at any of their other job fairs in the last three years, and while the number of employers taking part is lower, there are still plenty of opportunities for ladies looking for work.

"Look at your resume. Make sure it's up to date. Get it out there, go online, network with people, go to career fairs like this," said Jody Guthrie, Medtronics. "There are tons of available opportunities. It's just a matter of being persistent and seeking them out and having confidence in your ability."

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