Calif. lawmakers may triple car tax

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. The last time the registration fee was tripled, Gov. Gray Davis was recalled.

Currently, it's just under .65 percent, but the deal would raise it up to 2 percent. So for a $25,000 car, the deal would bring the registration for the car up to nearly $340.

It's expected to raise about $6 billion over the next year and a half to help reduce the deficit, but the deficit in that time frame is expected to reach $28 billion.

Motorists on Friday morning say the timing of the proposed fee hike is terrible.

"The economy is, you know, not doing that well," said Raymond Barreras, a local motorist, adding that he didn't know why lawmakers would raise the fee so much when many people would not be able to afford it.

Another local motorist Robert Leseberg agreed.

"It's just another ridiculous thing to, you know, get the taxpayers to dig out of the pockets again," he said.

Another idea being thrown about in Sacramento is if the fee hikes go up, ballot measure, if approved by voters, would put restraints in government spending.

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