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Paraplegic woman neglected on bus

November 21, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
A paraplegic woman claims she was neglected by a Greyhound bus driver, and was not allowed access to a bathroom when needed.A 25-year-old woman took a Greyhound bus on a trip to Las Vegas. She says she called the company ahead to make sure they could accommodate her needs and her wheelchair. She says they told her they could and she couldn't believe what happened.

"I don't care if I had no legs, or arms, or half a body, I think you should treat me the same," said bus rider, Larae Ransom.

Larae Ransom is embarrassed to talk about it. The six hour trip on the Greyhound bus became a humiliating experience.

"I felt highly discriminated against. I felt even hostaged somewhat because I could not get off," said Ransom.

She videotaped what happened. She says the bus driver refused to let her get off the bus to use the bathroom during a scheduled stop in San Bernardino.

She complained to a supervisor who allegedly told the driver to let her off at the next stop, the station in Riverside.

In the video you can see people getting on and off the bus, but she says the driver wouldn't open the handicap exit.

"At that point I was soil and embarrassed," said Ransom.

At another stop they tell the driver again to let her off, in the video the station appears to be open, he says it's not.

Finally at the last stop the driver opens the door with the ramp to let her out of the bus.

"He really didn't care. The supervisor at one point told him to let her off at the next stop, and he still did not do that," said friend, LaToya Scranton.

"It's a violation of the American Disabilities Acts probably a violation of UNRA, it's a violation of common decency," said Randy McMurray, Cochran Law Firm.

Greyhound officials said Friday afternoon that this is a very serious allegation and they will investigate. They say all bus drivers are trained to help anyone with disabilities at any stop.

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