Scientology guard kills sword-wielding man

FRANKLIN VILLAGE, Calif. Police have not figured why the suspect showed up with two samurai swords and began attacking three security guards. One of those guards shot and killed the man, and police said Monday the shooting probably saved many lives.

A day after the attack, its motive is still a mystery. LAPD detectives identified the sword-wielding assailant as 48-year-old Mario Majorski of Florence, Oregon. Police said they've checked out Majorski's background and found evidence of psychological problems.

"In reviewing the footage, his erratic behavior ... obviously when he's trying to kill people it's leading us to believe that he had mental health issues, and it may be as simple as that," said LAPD Det. Wendi Berndt.

It was approximately noon Sunday when Majorski pulled up in front of the Scientology Celebrity Centre. He was armed with two samurai swords and began threatening security guards.

Detectives say they don't expect any charges to be filed against the guard who opened fire, saying the surveillance tape shows Majorski was clearly trying to kill or seriously injure the men.

"He's attempting to stab them and slash them, and at the end it shows the security guard did have to use deadly force to stop him from an attack on some of the security guards," said Det. Berndt.

The surveillance tape came from security cameras at the Scientology center. Police say they will not be releasing those surveillance tapes to the media.

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