Volunteers scramble to protect supplies

SYLMAR Esteban Tabarez says he is grateful to all of the people who donated items to aid the Sylmar fire victims.

However, volunteers are scrambling to get everything out of the donation center before the expected rain storm hits.

Tabarez who is part of the volunteer effort to help victims says they need a place to warehouse all of the donated clothes and more.

"We have nowhere to put it and we are looking for a warehouse, so we can keep it open and still assist the victims of the fire," said Tabarez.

"We desperately need the storage space to put the clothing and the food. There is an ongoing need. We need money. We need diapers. We need food. We still need donations. It is not over with and it won't be over with for awhile," said volunteer, Sharon Aisenman.

Victims who lost homes in the fires say that the donation center has been a life saver.

"We are the type of people who want to do for others all of the time, so this is hard for us. It is hard for us to accept people's donations, but this is the time we need it. I guess it is our turn now," said fire victim, Michelle Tavares.

Volunteers say what really touches their heart is that people came as far away as San Francisco and San Diego to donate items.

"I would say we have helped a few thousand," said Aisenman.

Volunteers say as much as they are touched by the support, they are touched even more by the gratitude of the victims getting help.

"They lost everything. There is just not enough we can do to help people. We need more," said Aisenman.

If you'd like to help with the relief effort you can contact the Saint Didacus Catholic Church at (818) 367-6181 or 14339 Astoria Ave. Sylmar, CA 91342.

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