Has the economy affected Black Friday?

PASADENA, Calif. People waited in line at the Best Buy early, some as early as Wednesday. Everyone in line was able to get a voucher for all the limited items on sale in the store.

The most popular items in the Best Buy include Blu Ray DVD players, Guitar Hero, iPods and flat screen TVs.

But while it may seem like the public has a lot to spend right now, they are just trying to buy things on sale.

Experts predict this will be one of the worst holiday shopping seasons in years. They say that people are going to be spending 30 percent less, and retailers are doing whatever they can to cash in on Black Friday by offering deals on all the hot ticket items.

"From GPS to TVs, to laptops to computers, we have a new musical instruments department that a lot of Best Buys don't have. They can come in and get musical instruments, and we're ready for it," said Best Buy manager Michael Kugel.

Daniel Munoz, a shopper at Best Buy in Pasadena, said he bought Christmas presents on Black Friday.

"A Wii, couple DVD players, just a few things, just what I could get my hands on," Munoz said.

While the Best Buy seemed busy, one store employee said there were a lot more shoppers last year on Black Friday, a sign of the slowing economy.

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