Cheers to new wine openers

In restaurants, the wine server makes opening a bottle look so graceful. But, there are plenty of us who wind up just pushing the cork in.

There are many wine openers to choose from, including the Rabbit, which costs $40.

Consumer Reports has tested some electric corkscrews, which involve simply putting the corkscrew on the bottle and pushing a button to remove the cork. When you push the button again, the cork is released.

To test the newfangled devices, Consumer Reports opened nearly 100 bottles with both real and synthetic corks.

The testers found an electric opener from One Touch was noisy and bit a slower than the others.

However, two openers worked well. Each took just a few seconds to remove the cork.

"These are good for anybody, but they're especially good for anyone with limited hand strength or who has trouble using a regular corkscrew," said Adam Kaplan, Consumer Reports.

The two openers are from Oster and Emerson. They cost $20 each. Both have a rechargeable battery and they come with a foil cutter.

With these new wine openers, you may not turn into a sommelier, but at least you won't break any more corks.

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