Doctor accused of multiple molestations

LA PALMA, Calif. The alleged victims, who did not know each other, contacted police about what happened. One of the alleged assaults took place at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in La Palma.

Officials say that Do worked at Kaiser Permanente hospitals part-time, and the alleged attacks happened while he was pretending to do a routine medical examination.

The alleged victims were patients who were placed in his care, women who went to Kaiser Permanente hospitals and urgent care facilities in Anaheim Hills and La Palma.

"In one case we had a woman that had been in an accident. She went to there to get checked out by the doctor and he ended up touching her inappropriately in her private areas, in areas not even close to where she was there complaining of pain," said Anaheim Police Dept. Sgt. Rick Martinez.

Police say the 38-year-old general practitioner allegedly touched the women's private areas under their clothing, pretending to be doing routine medical exams.

"It's actually very scary. It's very interesting because like I was saying I've gone there before. So you just never know about people," said Orange County resident Shawna Bernardo

Police said the alleged victims were between 28 and 46 years old. Police allege the crimes took place over a year, ending in June. Two women came forward and complained to Kaiser Permanente staff. Anaheim police then started investigating and learned of a third alleged victim.

"You would think you could trust a doctor, but I guess you can't always," Bernardo said.

The Garden Grove resident was arrested Friday, and is out of custody on $100,000 bail. Do faces up to six years in prison if convicted.

In a statement, Kaiser Permanente said: "Dr. Do was a part-time physician. We acted quickly to suspend him from patient contact after a complaint was being brought forward. He was then terminated."

Police are concerned there are other potential victims. The accused doctor, according to authorities, also worked at hospitals in Los Angeles County.

If you have information, call the Anaheim Police Department at (714) 765-1929.

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