O.J. Simpson could serve up to 33 years

LAS VEGAS Simpson's co-defendant, Clarence Stewart, was sentenced to a maximum of 27 years, with the eligibility for parole in 7.5 years.

Everyone in the Las Vegas courtroom was riveted as O.J. Simpson chose to speak during his sentencing on Friday. He offered a partial apology. He said he was sorry for causing trouble, but even though it was armed robbery, he said he never intended to commit any crime.

"In no way did I mean to hurt anybody ... to steal anything from anyone," said Simpson in court.

"That was a violent event," replied Judge Jackie Glass, Clark County District Court. "Guns were brought ... At least one gun was drawn. The potential for harm to occur in that room was tremendous."

Judge Glass was pointed and direct. The judge said the conviction of O.J. Simpson and co-defendant Clarence Stewart was supported by video and audio recordings that caught them red-handed.

Glass said the motive was to grab valuable memorabilia.

Simpson owed millions to the Goldman family after he was found liable in civil court for the death of Ron Goldman.

"That you didn't want all of those items to fall into the hands of Goldmans. And you were heard on the tape making reference to them as 'The Gold Diggers,'" said Judge Glass in court.

Fred Goldman and his daughter were present while Simpson told the judge it was family photos he was after, not old footballs.

"I realize now that it was stupid of me. I am sorry. I didn't mean to steal anything from anybody. And, I didn't know I was doing anything illegal," said Simpson to Judge Glass. "I thought I was confronting friends and retrieving my property. So, I'm sorry ... I'm sorry for all of it."

"I didn't intend to do anything wrong. So, I must not have done something wrong. So, there was no criminal intent. It was just all stupidity," replied Judge Glass. "I have to tell you now ... It was much more than stupidity."

Four other men who were involved in the heist received a plea deal from the District Attorney in exchange for testifying against Simpson. Those men will be sentenced next Tuesday.

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