Gas Co. offers program to help save

LOS ANGELES They are little improvements that can make a big difference when it comes to staying warm in the wintertime, and for low-income residents who qualify, it's all free.

"What we do is pretty much is weatherize their home. We could replace the furnaces, weatherize and weather strip the doors, replace the windows if it has cracks. We also replace their shower heads with low-flow shower heads," said Raul Gordilla, Southern California Gas.

The Gas Company is hoping to help thousands of families reduce their heating bills this winter, and simple steps can make a big difference.

"Weather stripping basically creates a barrier so that way you're not just in-taking all the air from the outside and losing all your heat from the inside out," said Joey Salinas, Winegard Energy.

Something as simple as replacing the filter in a forced-air unit can make a big difference for a homeowner, and you don't even have to own the home to qualify for the program. Renters can qualify too.

In addition to the home improvements, some customers can also qualify for a 20 percent discount.

"I think people should take advantage of this because it's free, and it's a good service for everyone," said a South Gate resident.

Time are tough and every little bit helps, and as the temperature drops, residents will feel the difference, not just in their homes, but in their wallets.

The Gas Company offers no-cost weatherization and furnace repair or replacement services for qualified limited-income customers. Visit the Web site or call 800-331-7593 (Spanish: 800-342-4545).

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