Cool Kid Govil Gupta helps young writers

"That's very important to be successful in the future and even to express yourself properly. You need writing. So, it has a wide variety of uses. And, I hope through 'Wonder Writers', people can experience the benefits of writing and continue it on later," says Govil.

Operating for less than a year, Govil has already seen positive results.

"They actually started writing. And, the teacher came to the parent and said the writing of the child improved. So, that's when I knew it was starting to make an impact," says Govil.

Govil's work caught the attention of "Team Kids", a group that strives to mentor, motivate and empower the next generation of leaders.

"Just was in awe of his passion for writing and inspiring others ... And the incredible organization this young man has put together," says Julie Hudash, CEO, Team Kids.

Having published two books, Govil feels this is only the beginning.

"I feel proud to know that it started and it's helping. But, I also know that I need to help more people out there. Right now it's only a local thing and I want to expand it statewide or nationally ... So I can impact lives of more people," says Govil.

Keeping alive the power of the written word, he is our Cool Kid, Govil Gupta.

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