Pit bulls fatally maul Rubidoux man

RUBIDOUX, Calif. The attack took place in the back yard at a home at 5787 Kenwood Place in the community of Rubidoux.

The investigating officers are from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

"At 12:10 this afternoon, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department received a call of a man that had been mauled by two pit bulls," said Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez, Riverside Co. Sheriff's Dept. "Deputies arrived and found the [60-year-old] man still in the back yard of this residence."

"They took him inside of the house, where he died from the injuries. Apparently the Hispanic male adult [did] live at this residence," said Sgt. Gutierrez. Sgt. Gutierrez said the dogs were family pets, but it was unclear what the relationship of the man was to the owner of the dogs.

"The two dogs, one of them being a very large [male] pit bull, and the other one is a female pit bull, are family pets," said Sgt. Gutierrez. "He was in the back yard smoking a cigarette, and for unknown reason, the two dogs that were known to him just attacked him."

Sgt. Gutierrez said the attack was "vicious" and "very tragic for the family right before the holidays."

It was unclear what the relation was between the victim and the owner of the dogs. The owner of the dogs was visibly distressed and turned over control of the property to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. The owner also signed the dogs over to Animal Services for humane euthanasia.

The larger of the two dogs, a male, was euthanized Friday afternoon. The female dog was euthanized Friday evening.

The male was 4 years old and weighed approximately 107 pounds. The female was 6 years old and weighed about 52 pounds.

"We are always troubled when we respond to serious dog attacks," said Riverside County Animal Services Director Robert Miller. "This terrible tragedy is especially saddening. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family."

Investigators say that in addition to the male and the female, there were nine puppies in the back yard.

There were no witnesses to the attack.

The investigation is ongoing. There is no indication if any charges will be filed.

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