Thieves steal one-man-band's instruments

PASADENA, Calif. Arthur plays the guitar, the harmonica and the keyboard. But the amazing thing is that he plays all the instruments - and more - all at the same time. He was featured in the documentary film called "One Stop, Fun Stop" a few years ago. In it, the 71-year-old street musician is seen tearing it up at his usually spot: the Santa Monica Pier. But now, the music has stopped.

Last week, Arthur was coming home late from a gig, so he decided to leave his instruments in his truck. Someone broke in and cleaned him out. Arthur's holiday cheer turned into the Christmas blues.

Arthur's guitar, amplifier, harmonicas, keyboard and other equipment are all gone; all items he needs to keep the music going. Arthur's daughter is offering a $500 reward if someone returns the gear, but in the meantime, the Pasadena musician is struggling to pay the bills and rebuild his band.

Arthur bought a $50 guitar and dug out a rusty harmonica, along with its beat-up holder. And even armed with an old electric guitar without an amplifier, Arthur will tell you, he is the happiest guy in Pasadena.

"If I can get my stuff back, I am the happiest guy in the world," said Arthur.

He may be happy, but he is hoping to catch a holiday break and reunite with his instruments. That way, he could be a one-man-band and not have to sing the blues.

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