No more texting while driving come Jan. 1

STUDIO CITY, Calif. The California Highway Patrol has activated freeway signs across the state to remind drivers of the changes in the New Year.

Many motorists are happy to see the ban finally going into effect.

"I think it's worse than talking on the phone," said Sheila Beller.

"It doesn't come soon enough," said Brian Sandell. "I think the statistics have gone up, there's been tremendous amount of accidents, other issues that developed from it. When you take away your attention at the wheel, I think it allows for a lot of things that could potentially happen."

"It's really, really dangerous because you cannot concentrate," said Pariya Tehrani.

First time offenders face a $20 fine. If you're caught again, you'll pay a $50 fine. Of course insurance companies will probably not look too kindly on offenders, especially if they get into an accident while texting.

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