Skiers, boarders headed for IE mountains

RUNNING SPRINGS, Calif. Late Friday afternoon there was still a steady stream of cars headed up Highway 330. Just like on Christmas Day, it took drivers several hours to get up the hill. Many folks took Highway 18 instead, a much easier drive. Chains are required there though.

In Skyforest Thursday morning, there was plenty of time for the family to play in the snow while dad got to put on the chains.

"I got it done in about five minutes, not too bad," said visitor Greg Froff. "Just hanging out in a cabin up here, sled down the slopes and drink hot coffee."

"It's only my second time coming up here. I came up here when I was a baby, so I don't really remember it very well," said Sarah Froff.

From there it was another hour and a half to get to Big Bear Lake. Highway 18, just past the dam, was backed up because of an accident due to the icy winding turns. It's a typical trouble spot, and Friday was no different.

But it's a busy day in the mountains at ski and snowboard resorts like Snow Valley.

"Oh, completely different," said Kevin Sones, Snow Valley Mountain Resort spokesman. "Had some more snow last night, the winds are gone, great skiing and snowboarding today. It's busy, the roads are a challenge for people to get up here today, but definitely conditions are worse to drive."

Spokesman Sones says one group of skiers was suppose to get up here around 8 a.m. They arrived six hours behind schedule. But everyone, even the little ones, said that finally ski and snowboard conditions are great.

"As soon as they opened Lift 1, which takes you all the way to the top, we jumped on it," said Rancho Cucamonga resident Christy Boch. "They said it was going to be a little icy, but we didn't experience any of that. So it's really nice, it's cold, very very cold, but especially for Southern California weather wimps."



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