Aston Martin meets Bond style

In the new James Bond film "Quantum of Solace," all the usual Bond elements are in place. There are many action scenes, an evil villain, a beautiful woman, 007 -- played by British actor Daniel Craig -- and 007's wheels -- played by British sports car Aston Martin.

"And if there was not an Aston Martin in 'James Bond,' the public would respond to that and say, 'Where's the Aston Martin?' " said Josh Hancock, an expert in movie cars.

Unlike in other Bond films, the $250,000 Aston Martin DBS in "Quantum" doesn't show off any special gadgetry. However, it does show off its 12-cylinder performance in a high-speed chase.

"It does the deed," said Hancock. "It's like Daniel Craig. He's a guy who looks like James Bond. This car is James Bond's car."

Bond driving Aston Martins onscreen goes way back to 1964, when Sean Connery turned the previously obscure DB5 into one of the most famous cars in the world.

That car also got a much bigger role than the Aston of today.

"The car was very much involved in the plot of the film. The fact that they put gadgets in the car that you see in the beginning ... and then you see them play out one-by-one. I kind of miss that," said Hancock.

To many fans, the James Bond franchise and Aston Martin really go together. "Quantum of Solace" marks the eighth time we've seen an Aston in a 007 film. But lately, the British brand has expanded its reach beyond just big-screen secret agents. The car earned small-screen credits with a desperate housewife. The elegant DB9 Volante was almost a fashion accessory for the stylish Gabrielle, played by Eva Longoria on ABC's "Desperate Housewives."

"With the Aston, they were doing poorly and then they did really well and he gave it to her as a gift. And it's something that's brought up in the script that she doesn't want to let go," said Hancock.

But for fans of Aston Martins and 007, the new DBS -- or any other Aston -- will always be associated with Bond ... James Bond.



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