Experts separate sleep fact from fiction

Sleep Myth 1: More sleep is always better
Too much sleep has been linked to /*diabetes*/ and /*depression*/. Some studies have found that people who sleep more than nine hours each night die younger.

"You'll find that they really need between seven and a half to eight and a half hours, most people would," said Dr. Robert Thornton, sleep medicine specialist.

Sleep Myth 2: You can make up sleep
Some believe if you don't get enough sleep, you can make up for it. While sleeping in one morning may seem to help, it often makes it more difficult to fall asleep that night, and each night after that.

"If you're doing it on a chronic basis, it's going to catch up with you," said Dr. Thornton.

Sleep Myth 3: Naps are no good
It is a myth that naps are not a good idea. However, experts say you shouldn't sleep longer than an hour and that you should not nap after 3 p.m.

Sleep Myth 4: /*Snoring*/ is normal
Chronic snoring can put you at risk for /*heart disease*/, /*sleep apnea*/, /*high blood pressure*/ and diabetes.

Sleep Myth 5: The older you get, the less sleep you need
"We need the same amount of sleep as we get older," said Dr. Thornton. "We don't typically get quite as much deep sleep."

Sleep Myth 6: Waking up at night means you didn't sleep well
You are actually getting decent rest as long as you fall back asleep within a few minutes.

Sleep Myth 7: /*Insomnia*/ is caused by worry
While that is true for some, persistent insomnia is often caused by depression, /*asthma*/, /*arthritis*/ or other medical conditions.

Now that you know the facts, stop counting sheep and start catching some zees.



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