18-year-old fatally shoots stepdad

MORENO VALLEY A bullet casing on the family's driveway is all that is left of the fatal shooting that happened inside the suburban neighborhood in the Moreno Valley.

Riverside County Sheriff's officials say that Donyaid Naurice George, 18, walked in the house where his mother and stepfather were. Then Donyaid and his stepfather got into a confrontation.

"Some words were exchanged. We are trying to figure out what that argument was about. The 18-year-old produced a handgun and shot the father inside the house," said Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez, Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators say that the teenager fired once, and his stepfather died a short time later inside the living room.

"We are trying to figure out what this heated argument was about that led the son to shoot his father," said Sgt. Gutierrez.

George's mother called 911. The teenager left, but then returned a short time later, and surrendered to police.

"At no time was any of the public in danger," said Sgt. Gutierrez.

Relatives say that none of this makes sense.

"He played football at school. He's an all American boy and everybody loved him. He loved his family also. We can't understand what happened. We really do not know what happened," said the suspect's aunt, Mary Phillip.

Gutierrez said the suspect was being interviewed by detectives and probably would be booked into Riverside County jail on suspicion of murder.



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