Armed robbers strike Anaheim businesses

ANAHEIM, Calif. Three armed robbers have hit half-a-dozen times in the last month, terrorizing the clerks each time. The surveillance video led to arrests.

One of the businesses that was hit is a motel office. In this case the business owner says that the suspect walked in and asked in Spanish about getting a haircut. She thought he was just a customer until he pulled a gun on her. She kind of shoved him, and at one point said, "Why don't you work? Why don't you work for your money instead of stealing?" She said he told her to shut up, then demanded cash.

Anaheim beauty shop owner Frances Barron is still on edge after being held up at gunpoint.

"He put the gun up in my face. I was shocked, I was mad," said Barron. "I didn't know what to do."

Barron says the suspect demanded cash and her identification.

"I was standing right here, so he said, 'OK, just give me the money.' I said, 'It's in the back.' Then he put the gun in my back," said Barron.

She alleged the suspect entered her shop Christmas Eve as she was about to close.

"I was kind of shocked, because you know, I never thought this would happen to me, especially in this shopping center which is really safe in Anaheim, you know?" said Barron. "Right next to residences, so a lot of security around all of the time."

Police allege the suspect and another man robbed six businesses and tried to rob a seventh last month in Anaheim. The businesses include motel offices and liquor stores. Surveillance video shows the two inside a check-cashing store December 10, 2008.

"They're very calm," said Anaheim Police Sergeant Rick Martinez. "They appear to be customers, and when it appears that nobody else is around, then one of them will produce a handgun."

The suspect was wearing black. He pointed a handgun at the clerk as the other suspect jumped behind the counter to gather the cash.

"These guys are waving a handgun," said Sgt. Martinez. "You've got to take them as serious and dangerous."

Police believe the suspects are in their mid-20s, 5' 6" to 5' 8" in height, between 180 and 200 pounds. They have short hair, shaved or bald heads. One is clean-shaven, the other, Barron remembers, had a short beard. One suspect also has a large five-pointed star tattoo on his right elbow.

If you know who those suspects are, call the Anaheim Police Dept. at (714) 765-1947 if you recognize them or have any information related to these cases.



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