Reward offered in Pacoima drive-by murder

PACOIMA, Calif. There are countless reasons why 22-year-old /*Abraham Guerrero*/ should be alive today.

"He didn't do anything wrong," said Abraham's sister, Ruby Guerrero. "He wanted to be a sheriff. He wanted to help you. He wanted to help, you the community."

"He was in activist in our community, an Explorer with the LAPD, and indeed, the /*Foothill Division*/ literally heard the gunshots that took this young man's life," said L.A. City Councilman /*Richard Alarcon*/.

A drive-by shooting early December 28, killed Guerrero. Guerrero was in front of his own house in /*Pacoima*/, three blocks from the police station where he first volunteered at age 14. At his latest job at a security company, a co-worker said the shooters don't care who you are.

"Around Pacoima, whenever somebody gets asked, 'Where you from?' it doesn't matter if you tell. There's no right answer," said Hector Galan, /*Golden West K-9*/. "If you say you're from somewhere, if you say you don't claim any gangs, you still could get shot anyways."

What police said the car was white, and there were two or three Latino males inside. Who those individuals are, police are certain someone around here knows.

"Gang members tend to brag about certain things, whether this be one they would brag about, I don't know," said /*LAPD Detective Josh Meyers*/. "But we're hoping that in fact they do."

Now there's a $50,000 reward for information. Until the killers are caught, the family is wracked with worry.

"There's a car passing by slowly," said Ruby Guererro. "It may not be somebody looking for an address. Somebody's going to pull out a gun."

And next time might be another innocent victim.

"Please come forward. Please don't be scared," said Ruby. "Please help our family."



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