Best snacks to fight hunger, keep diet

"You pay for convenience and I think that is so true, we've really become a country where we're used to having the most convenient options available," said Koff.

ABC7 teamed up with Koff and scanned aisles at /*Costco*/, /*Albertsons*/ and health food stores to find some new or improved snacks that are worth a look.

Koff likes Nature's Path AgavePlus Granola cereal, for those who like granola. This cereal is made with agave rather than sugar and costs from $3.49 to $4.29 a box. You can find it at /*Whole Foods*/ and other health food stores.

"Agave nectar granola is a great option for someone who is watching their blood sugar," said Koff.

If you like a sugar taste but can do without the calories, Truvia is a new sugar substitute made from stevia and the sugar alcohol erythritol, which doesn't cause gastric distress. A penny shy of $4 for 40 packets, it's getting the thumbs-up from health experts.

Truvia is found at major markets like Ralphs and Albertsons.

Mrs. May's dry-roasted nut snack mixes from Costco are another good choice. At $9.39, it might seem pricey, but one box contains four nice sized bags.

"If you're running through the airport, you can go to Costco ahead of time, grab this and have it in your bag," said Koff.

With the Super Bowl in our future, two new chips are worth a look. Kettle Foods has new flavors like Sea Salt & Vinegar and Hickory Honey Barbeque flavored that are 65 percent lower in fat.

Corazonas tortilla chips offer a healthy bonus, as they're made with plant sterols, a bonus for those who need assistance in lowering cholesterol. Both bags cost more than $3 each. Kettle chips retail for $3.79, Corazonas sell for $3.29. Both sold at major grocery chains.

While Coconut Bliss frozen treats aren't low-cal, they offer benefits for those who are lactose-intolerant. Coconut Bliss frozen desserts are made with coconut milk and agave nectar. The going price in Southern California is $5.95 per pint. Keep in mind coconut oil is a saturated fat, but since it's plant-based, it is better for the body than animal fat in terms of heart health.

Kids of all ages might find these a great way to eat more vegetables: Dr Praeger's sweet potato, broccoli or spinach pancakes. Try topping them with a scrambled egg and your snack becomes a fun on-the-go meal. Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers are sold at Trader Joe's and Gelson's, but the vegetable pancakes that come in sweet potato, potato, spinach or broccoli, as seen on the show, are best found at Whole Foods markets for $4.39 at four to a box.



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