City of Industry paves way for NFL

INDUSTRY, Calif. The question is, will there be a stadium here? Certainly the /*city of Industry*/ wants it to happen. The voters in this business-friendly community are moving forward, approving a bond to get the ball rolling. But some residents who live around this city don't want it.

The mayor of Industry believes this is the future of his city. On 600 acres there could be a brand new stadium, and maybe /*NFL*/ football. And a lot of publicity.

"Companies that never heard of city of Industry or never heard of San Gabriel Valley, they may want to choose to move here someday," said Industry /*Mayor Dave Perez*/.

There are 84 registered voters in the city, and they voted 60 to 1 Tuesday to approve a bond to start building roads and make infrastructure improvements around the property. It opens the way for the new $800-million stadium.

"Mr. Roski's ready to roll so he can start building the stadium this summer if he chooses to," said Mayor Perez.

The stadium proposed by developer /*Ed Roski*/ would have an entertainment complex with restaurants, movie theaters and stores. But the big prize would be landing an NFL team. After the Raiders and Rams left town, Los Angeles is the largest market in the U.S. without an NFL franchise. But not everybody wants such a huge development.

"Is it going to affect the freeway? You know how the freeway is, especially coming from work, from L.A., so I don't know," said La Puente resident Eleanor Acevedo.

The mayor says with this recession it will bring in much -needed jobs.

"I'm starting to lose manufacturing now, they're starting to close up," said Mayor Perez. "I lost an auto dealer yesterday, you know, so this is good news if we, if this gets off, it will create for three years construction jobs."

Taxi driver Ken Demattia says people here need the work.

"The state of the economy is such that anything that's going to create jobs, that's what people, Obama's after," said Demattia. "I mean, we've got to create a stimulus to the economy."

The city council is expected to approve the final environmental impact report this coming Thursday and then construction could start, but some cities around this area could sue the city of Industry to stop this stadium, so anything happening here is still several years away.



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