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L.A. rain a welcome sight for many

January 22, 2009 12:18:45 PM PST
The rain slowed down the morning commute a bit and caused some accidents on local roads and freeways, but for many, the rain is a welcome sight after an unseasonably dry spell.As the rain began to fall around 8 a.m., locals could be seen getting out their umbrellas and putting the hoods on their sweatshirts.

"I expected it this morning, and actually, I had to cover some chairs outside from the pool area just so they won't get full of water," said local resident Cindy Moss.

For the most part, the rain was relatively light Thursday morning, but any wet weather is welcome.

"Absolutely love it. We need it desperately," said local resident Jeff Woods. "My grass is now going to be green instead of brown."

It has been a very dry season in Southern California, and the dry Santa Ana winds blowing in the past two weeks have not helped.

Calabasas residents said they will take any rain that falls.

"I love the rain. I'm from the East Coast, I'm used to the rain, and I just love it," said Angela Mazzola. "In California, we never have enough rain, we could always use the rain."

But with the wet weather come some serious concerns, especially for those in burn areas. Authorities will be keeping a very close eye on those areas, especially if those heavy downpours start to move in.

Heavier rain is expected later Thursday.

Eyewitness News reporters Leanne Suter, Leo Stallworth and Leslie Sykes contributed to this report