'Master Matchmakers' offer dating advice

LOS ANGELES Can a professional matchmaker help you get your love life back on track? A team of "master" matchmakers wants to find out.

Is he into you? Is he going to call again? Is she going to say yes to a second date? Those are all questions that can plague anyone on a first date. And while being single in L.A. can be tough, there's help.

Meet JoAnn and Steve Ward, mother and son, and professional matchmakers.

Steve calls himself a "dating pathologist" and offers up a prescription for some of the most common dating mistakes. Like what keeps some daters from making it to date number two?

"A lot of times men will ask questions and not even pay attention to the answers because they're too concerned about the next question and they want to keep her so engaged that they're not paying enough attention to what's being said," said Steve Ward. "So that's often a mistake that's made."

"And women just not to ramble on," said JoAnn Ward. "Just keep going and going -- like, come up for air. Women just talk a lot, in general."

And often, they are too comfortable.

"And women on the other hand, sometimes they bare too much on the first date because they immediately feel comfortable, they feel like they're not being judged, and unfortunately, you know, men are still judging until they've established a relationship of trust," said Steve.

Men, on the other hand, tend to be a bit too "me"-focused. Ask your date a lot of questions. But ...

"Not only do you want to avoid talking about past relationships, you don't want to talk about politics, personal finance, anything negative in general, even if the food comes out cold -- you know what? Life hands you lemons, make lemonade," said Steve.

Think positive and confident, but not cocky. Smile a lot. Body language speaks volumes. And turn off the BlackBerry.

That's dater Hilton Sorkazian's pet peeve.

"Always talking on the cell phone, in the middle of the date, 'I'll be with you in a little bit,'" said Sorkazian. "It's like, why are you here with me, right? If you're interested, you should be focused on me."

JoAnn and her son Steve have produced countless marriages and relationships through their business, Master Matchmakers.

They say their service is for singles who have no trouble meeting people on their own, but just need a little help breaking through barriers.

"Our job is to do nothing more than break down those walls," said Steve. "And you'd be surprised -- then love just walks right into their life."



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