Disney ride powered by food?

ANAHEIM, Calif. /*Disneyland*/ visitors enjoyed french fries on Thursday, but they had no idea they were helping fuel a ride they'd take through the park.

Beginning in the last week in January, five trains at Disneyland started using the cleaner biodiesel fuel made from cooking oil. Oil leftover from frying food at the restaurants at Disney is collected and then placed in barrels. The barrels are sent to the Coachella Valley to be mixed with some diesel and shipped back to Disneyland.

Officials say the trains consume about 200,000 gallons of fuel each year. The resort can generate about half of that with the cooking oil. The rest will have to come from other sources.

"It is more expensive, it's certainly not a traditional business decision, especially in today's environment," said Frank dela Vara, Disney director of environmental affairs. "But it really does make an impact on the environment."

Officials say using the /*biodiesel*/ will cut greenhouse gas emissions by about 80 percent.

"That's really interesting," said Erica Buchanan, a Disneyland visitor. "I think it's a good for the future of transportation."

Most passengers don't seem to notice a difference with the ride because it still looks the same. But some have noticed the smell.

"Someone said it smells like french fries. Personally, it's just a little sweeter," said dela Vara.

A sweeter smell Disney officials hope might make visitors hungry for fries, helping to create more fuel to run the trains.

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